It depends a bit on the individual situation, but generally one would need a tourist visa to visit India. 3 months or 6 months tourist visas can be obtained from the Indian consulate or embassy in your country. See also consulates of India.

In principle no vaccinations are required for entering India. However you may be advised by your doctor to get vaccinated against a number of diseases. The choice if doing so is up to you and it is important you feel comfortable with it.

Malaria is not endemic in our area. Using medication to prevent malaria occurrence is a personal choice. Using long sleeves and trousers along with (natural) mosquito repellents in the evenings already helps to prevent mosquito bites. However, when traveling to other parts of India, malaria may pose a risk. And it is advised to inform oneself about the area one intends to visit.

The climate in Auroville is semitropical and the main monsoon stretches from October till December. From December to March the daytime temperature is between 24°C and 30°C and the best time to visit. From April onwards it rises and reaches its peak in May/June (average 38°C, with peaks up to 45°C). Occasional rainfall in July brings the temperature down. Nights are generally about 5°C cooler than the days.

The international dial code for India is +91, area code is 0413 and the localnumber consists of 7 digits, typically: 262 4567; calling from abroad would thus result in +91 413 262 4567.

Fax can be received and sent from the public telephone office opposite of the State Bank of India.

Within Auroville these services provide access to Internet: Browsing centre at Solar Kitchen, at Arka and Wi-fi at Aurelec. Some Guest Houses provide Internet access to their guests.

Yes, Auroville is accessible by mobile phone networks, but not fully covered. Foreign guests intending to stay longer may opt for obtaining a prepaid local mobile SIM card, available from the Auroville Telephone Service.

From Chennai, buses to Puducherry (Pondicherry) are frequent and cheap. From there one can reach Auroville by bus or autorikshaw. A taxi pick up from Chennai Airport can be arranged either by you (see www.aurovilletransport.com) or by the guest-house that will host you upon your request. Please avoid cross bookings. Cost: around Rs. 1800 from Chennai Airport to Auroville.

Auroville is about 10 kilometers from Pondy and one can get here either by taxi, auto-rickshaw, or by renting a bicycle or a motor bike. For reaching Auroville from Pondicherry by taxi, you can call Auroville New Creation Taxi Service Tel: 2622183 or 2622400. Cost: around Rs. 200

Yes, there are a number of vehicle rental services. Your Guest House may offer this service directly or can advise you where to get a two-wheeler. Costs range between Rs. 40 and 200 a day, depending on the type of vehicle and quality.


Guests willing to participate in the community life by volunteering are most welcome. The Guest Service maintains a list of volunteering options and will be glad to help you in finding suitable occupation..

For those who wish to volunteer on a farm or afforestation project may contact Priya (priya-AT-auroville.org.in) before arrival. She coordinates farm and forest work and accommodation.

A calendar of workshops, programs and activities is available for the period from December to March and published on Auroville website. Please look for WISP – Auroville Winter Integral Study Program. At the Guest Service at Solar Kitchen you will find an overview of other ongoing classes and activities that guests can join or ask for the News and Notes at your Guest house.

Guests staying at an Auroville Guest House can concentrate in the Matrimandir Chamber after a brief introduction. Detailed info is available at: www.auroville.org/thecity/matrimandir/mm_access_nov08.html

For various reasons, as a guideline, children of guests not accepted in our schools. However in certain cases exceptions occur, but please do not come with expectations. You may contact saiierATauroville.org.in for more information.

Persons who would like to join Auroville may contact the Entry group during their stay. Please visit joining Auroville for more detailed information.


This contribution is requested from all guests, as well as Aurovilians, towards the maintenance and development of the township and its infrastructure. In most guest houses, it is included in the room rent.

Guest cards are issued by guest house managers when you check-in. It is useful to go to Repos Beach, to buy meals coupons at the Solar Kitchen and to open an Auroville Pour Tous account (if you stay a minimum of ten days).

Guests who stay for a minimum of ten days can open a Pour Tous account to pay for some internal services, such as canteens, classes and workshops, Pour Tous shop and others.

The Auroville Financial Service exchanges foreign cash and traveler cheques. Furthermore there are local banks and Forex agencies that do the same.

Except for one or two shops, Auroville does not accept credit cards.

Auroville does not advance cash against credit cards, but there are a number of ATM’s in the vicinity as well as in Puducherry that allow cash withdrawals. Some banks in Puducherry, like Canara bank, advance cash against credit cards.