Help desk

  • Acts as a reference point for visitors and tourists in need of accommodation in Auroville.
  • Guides the visitors/tourists in choosing a guest house according to their requirements,
  • Assists guests in the best possible way.

Where in Auroville City

4 zones:
  • Center: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are 1 - 2kms around Auroville's centre.

  • Residential: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are situated within Aurovilian Communities among residents of Auroville.

  • Beach: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are in communities lining the coast.

  • Forest :This option will reflect Guest Houses that are in the greenbelt.

Miscellaneous information on amenities

  • Toilet: can be either “western” seat or Indian squat-style. They can be either attached, separate, shared or at some revision draftpoints that reflect differently. distance shared.

  • Bathroom: may have a shower or it may have a tap to have a 'bath' using a bucket and mug. Guest houses may have rooms that have hot water and rooms with cold water.

  • Electricity: 12 volt indicates the exclusive revision draftuse of solar panels and the need for special electrical appliances. Some guest houses have generator back-up during power cuts. points that reflect differently.

  • meals: Guest Houses may or may not offer meals. There are specific ones that offer either 1, 2 or 3 meals a day. Any meal offered at any of the Guest House is vegetarian.

  • laundry / bicycle: Guest houses may or not offer this service. Guest Houses may offer these service as included in the price of the room and some charge extra for these services.

Health Services​

  • Recognized as a Mini Health Centre by the Tamil Nadu State Government the Auroville Health Centre (AVHC) provides medical care and laboratory facilities backed up by a pharmacy to all: residents of Auroville, guests as well as the surrounding local population.
  • If you require medical help please come to the Health Centre and register at the reception first.

  • Reception open: Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5.30 pm and Saturday: 8 am – 5.00 pm
  • For general queries on the Health Centre’s facilities you may call during the opening timings at +91-413-262 2123, 262 2221, 262 2018
  • Location in Auroville: Aspiration, Kuilapalayam village, just before Pour Tous on the left side
  • Contact:
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While there are many guest houses and home stays around Auroville, only guests staying inside Auroville are eligible to receive an AuroCard. The AuroCard serves as your identity card, showing you are a registered guest of Auroville, and is required for visiting Matrimandir and attending many cultural events. The Aurocard can also be set up as a debit card for your expenses within Auroville (some Auroville units do not accept cash).