Utility Home Stay

guest house profile
  • Small house for one or two person
  • Contact: Anne  apinochio@hotmail.com1
  • Telephone: 9487061009
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French
  • Community: Utility Setting:
  • Comfort range: D - self-contained
  • Lat. 11.99701005
    Long. 79.84175563
  • Bathroom: yes attached
  • Fan / AC: yes
  • Meals: no
  • Kitchen: yes, kitchen with fridge
  • To Matrimandir: 6 Km
  • Other services: House has veranda , kitchen + fridge , separate bathroom
  • Minimum stay:  5 days or more
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While there are many guest houses and home stays around Auroville, only guests staying inside Auroville are eligible to receive an AuroCard. The AuroCard serves as your identity card, showing you are a registered guest of Auroville, and is required for visiting Matrimandir and attending many cultural events. The Aurocard can also be set up as a debit card for your expenses within Auroville (some Auroville units do not accept cash).