Priority Home Stay

guest house profile
  • Small elegant SINGLE ROOM at the beach, surrounded by trees, very safe
  • Contact: Raphael
  • Telephone: +91 936 216 97 98
  • Languages: English, German, basic French
  • Community: Srima Setting: beach
  • Comfort range: B - standard
  • Lat. 12.013
    Long. 79.859
  • Bathroom: Bathroom: shared with 1 person only, hot water shower
  • Fan / AC: Fan
  • Meals: No, but day restaurant on site (Tanto Restaurant)
  • Kitchen: No, but kettle, food cupboard, sink available in the room.
  • Internet: WiFi
  • To Matrimandir: 8 Km
  • Other services: Beach access and swimming pool by payment at Tanto Guest House. Other services: 2-wheeler and laundry can be arranged on request. Drinking water. Room fully mosquito meshed, separate mosquito door.
  • Minimum stay:  5 days or more
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While there are many guest houses and home stays around Auroville, only guests staying inside Auroville are eligible to receive an AuroCard. The AuroCard serves as your identity card, showing you are a registered guest of Auroville, and is required for visiting Matrimandir and attending many cultural events. The Aurocard can also be set up as a debit card for your expenses within Auroville (some Auroville units do not accept cash).