Acts as a reference point for visitors and tourists in need of accommodation in Auroville. Guides the visitors/tourists in choosing a guest house according to their requirements, Assists guests in the best possible way.

Where in Auroville City

4 zones:

  1. Center: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are 1 – 2kms around Auroville’s centre.
  2. Residential: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are situated within Aurovilian Communities among residents of Auroville.
  3. Beach: This option will reflect Guest Houses that are in communities lining the coast.
  4. Forest : This option will reflect Guest Houses that are in the greenbelt.

Health Services​

Recognized as a Mini Health Centre by the Tamil Nadu State Government the Auroville Health Centre (AVHC) provides medical care and laboratory facilities backed up by a pharmacy to all: residents of Auroville, guests as well as the surrounding local population.

If you require medical help please come to the Health Centre and register at the reception first.

Reception open: Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5.30 pm and Saturday: 8 am – 5.00 pm

For general queries on the Health Centre’s facilities you may call during the opening timings at +91-413-262 2123, 262 2221, 262 2018

Location in Auroville: Aspiration, Kuilapalayam village, just before Pour Tous on the left side


Miscellaneous information on amenities

Toilet: can be either “western” seat or Indian squat-style. They can be either attached, separate, shared or at some revision draftpoints that reflect differently. distance shared.

Bathroom: may have a shower or it may have a tap to have a ‘bath’ using a bucket and mug. Guest houses may have rooms that have hot water and rooms with cold water.

Electricity: 12 volt indicates the exclusive revision draftuse of solar panels and the need for special electrical appliances. Some guest houses have generator back-up during power cuts. points that reflect differently.

meals: Guest Houses may or may not offer meals. There are specific ones that offer either 1, 2 or 3 meals a day. Any meal offered at any of the Guest House is vegetarian.

laundry / bicycle: Guest houses may or not offer this service. Guest Houses may offer these service as included in the price of the room and some charge extra for these services.